Learn to Remove Annoying Garden Birds Now!

Get Rid of Those Annoying Garden Birds NOW!

Do you feel like you’re walking into a zoo when you get home every evening?

Are there pigeons, blackbirds and doves lining your ledges or rafters around the house?

Well, there is probably a reason your yard space and roof of your house are infested with birds.

What you really need to do is decide what your course of action is to get rid of birds and rid yourself of them for good.

Your three options are pretty basic:

  • You can find a way to get rid of those pesky birds the safe way
  • You can try eliminating those winged annoyances the illegal way
  • You can just leave them alone

If you’re in the position, you have to agree:  having birds hanging around your house all the time can get totally annoying and give you the feeling of wanting to do something really bad to them!  Nobody likes to see bird poop on the top of their car or have sleepless Saturday mornings because of the constant chirping.

However, at no point is it okay to shoot or poison birds, or eliminate them with any other illegal tactics.

Removing birds from your yard the safe way can be done in a few ways:

  • You can get rid of them yourself with a hands on approach
  • You can use tactics that will chase them away for good
  • You can get the help of the local wildlife body

Knowing How to Get Rid of Birds Safely

Trapping birds safely is an effective way to get rid of them right away.  However, understand that soon they will beget rid of birds replaced by new birds that will come to take their place.  Nonetheless, you can find a good bird trap at your local pet store that can possible catch them one at a time!

Getting Rid of Birds by Giving them the Cold Shoulder

Chasing them away is probably the best option that will not require that you expend too much energy.  You can do this by:

  • Setting up audio devices that play electronic versions of their distress calls so they will flee in search of their needy friends
  • Placing electrified tracks along the roof where they normally perch so they get a little jolt of electricity when next they land.  It will not hurt them, but chase them away and deter them from coming back
  • Getting tack strips installed on your gutters or other areas on the roof where the birds land will prevent them from perching there any at all.  Therefore, you virtually eliminate the possibility of them coming back to annoy you

If none of your tactics seem to be working, then you can resort to contacting the local wildlife body.  They will be able to use their expertise and knowledge to get those squeaky sounding creatures away from your roof at last!


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