Getting Rid of Mice – the Answers You’ve Been Looking For!

Usefull Tips and Techniques for Eliminating Your Mice Problem

Are you seeing unexplained holes in your walls or in food containers?

Do you see droppings that are about a quarter inch long?

Do you hear scampering and rustling noises in your walls and ceilings?

Getting rid of mice is pretty difficult.

Well, bingo!  You have an infestation of mice.  Now it is time to figure out the best method for eliminating your mice problem so you do not end up with a chronic problem that gets completely out of hand.

Solving the mice issue can be done in one of three ways:

  • Remove their food sources
  • Employ the skills off predators
  • Use mice traps

Get Rid of Mice by Eliminating Their Food Sources

It is a known fact that mice will eat almost any food that is available in the house, including your dog food!  However, they prefer things like nuts, seeds, grains, insects and fruits.  So, your first course of action would be to scour your kitchen from corner to corner so any crumbs, spills and lingering trash is cleaned up.  Also use tight-fitting lids on containers so they do not attract the attention of mice.  And, you can get pet food dishes that can also be covered and protected from a mice attack.

getting rid of mice

Fight of Mice with the Help of Predators

Dogs, cats and barn owls are the best predators to use for getting rid of mice in your household.  Whereas dogs are more interested in chasing them away and cats occasionally might be interested in eating them, barn owls thrive on hunting and eating mice.  Therefore, getting barn owls to nest in your yard is a good way to tackle the problem with mice.

Mice Traps – the Perfect Way to Kill Unwelcome Mice

Because mice are that much smaller than rats, traps usually work pretty well for them.  A good option would be to use the glue boards as well as snap traps.  You can bait the snap traps with items that have high scents like bacon, liver or a sausage.  Make sure the bait is tied to the trigger with string to ensure that the trap is sprung when the mouse steps onto it.

Now, if you are more interested in keeping them from coming back, you can either:

  • Remove their shelter
  • Use repellents to keep them away

Clean out all the clutter in your closets, basement and garage because mice will live anywhere that is warm, cluttered and quiet.  Most mice will only stray about 25 feet from the nest so wherever you see them running around is probably very close to where their shelter is.

A great repellent for mice is actually mint because mice have a natural aversion to it.  You can plant mint around your house as a deterrent as well as use some in potted plants indoors.

Getting rid of mice will require that you do a little detective work, but once you find where they nest and shelter, you can effectively get rid of them once and for all.


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