How to Get Rid of Frogs – Before they Drive you Hopping Mad!

The “Getting Rid of Frogs” solutions that work

So you probably know that frogs are pretty important to the ecosystem.

Well, if you’ve absolutely got to find out how to get rid of frogs, then you’ve come to the right place!

These harmless creatures help the environment by keeping down the amount of mosquitoes and flies that could populate in bodies of water around your home.

Now, nobody wants that kind of situation, but nobody really wants an infestation of frogs either!  So essentially, you need to not only get rid of things that can cause infestation of bugs and mosquitoes, but you also need to know how to get rid of frogs so you are free of the risk of them overpopulating your yard.

As someone whose yard contains lots and lots of frogs, you can approach getting rid of them in one of three ways:

  • Get rid of what they love to eat
  • Find ways to prevent them from coming into your yard
  • Spray your property with hot water just before they come out at night

So just which one is the best for your situation?  Well, TAKE A LOOK!

Get Rid of the Cuisine, Get Rid of the Frogs

Frogs feed on all sorts of insects, including mosquitoes and flies.  Chances are, therefore, your infestation of frogs is probably due to the fact that you have tons of insects hanging around outside.  You can get rid of these bugs by:

  • Using organic insecticides that will deter them while keeping you and your family safe
  • Eliminating bodies of stagnant water that usually attract pests
  • Getting rid of their breeding grounds completely

Creative Ways for Getting Rid of Frogs

A good way to get rid of a wide range of pests including frogs is to build barriers that can keep them out.  For frogs, you can build a net fence out of either mesh netting or plastic fencing.  Just make sure it is high enough because frogs are really high jumpers!  Also, make sure it is pretty stable because they do not mind the challenge of pulling ahow to get rid of frogs fence down!

Frogs totally DETEST hot water.  So, as it starts to turn to nighttime, spray the area they usually populate with hot water for a few minutes and you will be surprised how quickly they become deterred from visiting that area.  Hot water is a signal of danger for them and they will pretty soon move away from your property if they notice that there is hot water every time they visit.

If all else fails, you can just throw your hands up in the air, check your Yellow Pages and call the nearest exterminator.  That is perhaps the most definite way of how to get rid of frogs.  Thereafter, you can focus on implementing preventative measures for keeping them out in the future as well!


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  1. Jane CLoyd Says:

    We have a small pond and are getting a lot of frogs…just also put a pool in last year too….We are getting so many frogs…and the snakes are coming too. If we would change to a pond-less falls would that help take care of the frogs?


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