How to Get Rid of Lice – Foolproof Solutions that Work!

Get rid of those lice – the easy way!

An itchy head or an itchy body can never be a good thing, which is why getting rid of lice is a matter of utter and total urgency.  So just where do you start?  Well, a lot of solution for how to get rid of lice depends on exactly where your lice infestation is located.

Lice are extreme pestilences that just pop up unexpectedly and result in a terrible experience when it comes to trying to get them to go away.  Depending on where they have “set up shop”, there are proven techniques available to get rid of them.  Lice can be located anywhere, including:

  • In the head, which is most common
  • In the pubic and genital area, which usually takes people by surprise
  • Anywhere else on the rest of the body you can think of

Want to Get Rid of Head Lice?  Read on!

Head lice are parasites that infest people’s scalps.  Generally, they are transmitted from person-to-person contact but they can also be transmitted by clothes or other means.  Getting rid of head lice involves three basic steps:

  • Wash all worn clothing, headgear and bedding on the hottest setting your washing machine hhow to get rid of liceas available.  Use a strong detergent to help kill any lice or eggs that may have gotten into the items of clothing.  For extra effect, hang them out in the sun to dry or put them in an extremely hot dryer.  Heat will definitely help to get rid of any lice remnants
  • Shampoo the hair of the infested person with warm water and gradually increase the temperature of the water just until it is about to become unbearable.  Vigorously wash and rinse the shampoo out of the hair, then towel dry.  For added precaution, get that towel thoroughly washed as well
  • Get a special lice comb to comb out the eggs that could be left in the hair after washing.  These combs are designed with the teeth spaced far enough to allow the hair to pass but not the eggs.  After combing out the entire head, rinse the hair again with warm water

Getting Rid of Lice where you Least Expect it – in the Pubic Area

With pubic lice, all the clothing including underwear needs to be washed thoroughly in very hot water.  Apart from that, the hair around the infected area needs to be shaved thoroughly to eliminate any eggs that may have nested there.

Eliminate those Critters Wherever they May Be!

Body lice is also treated in a similar fashion to head lice, and the clothes need to be washed in very hot water.  It is also a good idea to check your doctor to find out if any pathogens may have been transmitted to you by the lice that were residing in your clothing and on your body.

Being attacked by lice is definitely an uncomfortable feeling, but the sooner you get rid of them, the sooner you will be able to return to normalcy!  These tips provide the fail-safe answers for how to get rid of lice quickly and completely!

Effective tips and solutions about how to get rid of lice. Stop scratching and itching by getting rid of those pesky lice today!


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