Want to Learn How to Get Rid of Moths? Read on!

Effective Methods and Solutions for Getting Rid of Moths

Have you ever seen moths flying around and thought that those are some of the most harmless creatures around?  Well, you are dead wrong!

In fact, moths can make a huge mess of your clothes and sandals.  They stealthily hop into your closet and feed on fabrics, and before you know it, you’ll need a new wardrobe!

So, if you see too many of them hanging around, you need to start figuring out how to kill moths and eliminate the problem for good.

These pesky moths totally love living anywhere inside your house.  This could be in your closets, bathroom or even your kitchen.  In order to rid your home of moths, you can go one of two routes:

  • You can use natural remedies
  • You can implement practical measures

Either way you choose, you are probably going to have to start out with cleaning whichever area of the house they reside in.  Then, you can move on to choosing from one of the routes indicated:

Using the Old Fashioned Way

Old folk remedies that will work surprisingly well for moths include:

  • Filling sachets with dried lavender and placing them in the closets, drawers or any other place where clothes are stored
  • Place several mint leaves inside a sachet in your drawer, or even place loose mint leaves among your clothes
  • Cedar chips or cedar blocks are popular moth repellants so pick some up from a store and place thow to get rid of mothshem wherever in your house they are needed to get rid of moths

Practical Ways to Help you be Free of Moths

Knowing how and where to store your clothing is important if you are trying to remove the moths from your home.  Things you may need to do include:

  • Clean your clothes before storing.  If you have discovered an infestation of moths, wash all your clothes, sun-dry them and pack them away to help kill any larvae that may have been present in the clothing
  • Store your clothing in sealed containers like chests, suitcases and plastic storage containers where moths cannot get to them
  • Store clothing in a dry place because moths prefer moist environments and will gravitate toward clothes stored in moist areas
  • Moths also gravitate towards dirt so if you have carpets in your home, vacuum them regularly so you do not stand the chance of getting an infestation of moths

If you want to save your closet from complete and utter destruction, follow the advice to eliminate those unsuspecting moths today!  Now that you know how to get rid of moths, you won’t need to replace your wardrobe every three months.

If you thought learning how to deal with moths were unimportant, because household moths were harmless, think again.


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