How to Kill Fruit Flies and Keep your Family Healthy!

Great Tips that Work in Getting Rid of Fruit Flies!

Fruit flies seem more annoying than anything else, don’t they?

Well, they can be pretty annoying, but they can also be pretty harmful to your health and the health of your loved ones.

What many people do not know is that they actually contaminate food with bacteria and other disease producing organisms just by moving from one thing to the other.

So, if these minute flying insects seem to be populating your kitchen, you need to figure out how to kill fruit flies and keep your family safe.

Some things you should know about are:

  • They are attracted to beverages, garbage, slime in drains or decaying produce
  • They breed very quickly
  • Females lay up to 500 eggs on whatever surface attracts them

Therefore, you should see some obvious signs of danger based on how these little flies behave.  Luckily, you can pretty much get rid of them at home by doing one of the following:

  • Trapping them
  • Poisoning them
  • Zapping them

Eliminating Fruit Flies with Homemade Contraptions!

A good idea for trapping and killing fruit flies is to take an empty jar with a small amount of apple cider vinegar or decaying fruit.  Tape some plastic wrap over the top of the jar and puncture some tiny holes in the plastic with a toothpick.  The fruit flies will readily go into the jar but will not be able to get out.  Honey is also a great product to put in the jar because they will stick to it right away and will not be able to come out.

Kill Fruit Flies with Store-Bought Products

how to kill fruit flies

There are lots of products on the market that contain pyrethrin, which you can use to spray fruit flies in flight.  Not only will it kill them right away but it will repel their buddies from coming in and taking set on your home.  And because they love the drains, you can also pour drain gels into your kitchen drain so once they go down there they get poisoned right away.

Light – the Energy that Eliminates Fruit Flies!

Another little known fact is that fruit flies actually gravitate towards light so getting a lighted bug zapper is a great way to get rid of them.  Just turn off all the other lights in the area so there is no competition from those sources.  Once the fruit flies gravitate towards the zapper, they will instantly perish.

The ideas listed above will guide you well  in your fight against annoying fruit flies so your family is not at risk of contracting bacteria transmitted by these tiny creatures.

 Keep your Family Healthy and Free of Fruit Flies!


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