Killing Carpenter Ants: Learn How to Save your Home Today!

How to keep your House ant free of Carpenter Ants!

Are you sick and tired of seeing those holes in the woodwork of your house?  Do you wonder if you are actually having a termite infestation?
Well, if you don’t notice any of those critters nearby your wooden doors and windows, chances are you are not having a termite infestation.  However, you may be housing carpenter ants that are just as much a pestilence as termites.  Killing these ants requires a little research, so if you are ready to do that, then read on for more information.

Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat the wood that they bore into.  Instead, they use wooden areas to establish a nest.  They are not at all interested in eating your windows away so that much can allow you to breathe a sigh of relief.  However, they can dig and dig until your stuff eventually falls apart!

The best way to get rid of carpenter ants is to bait them. Carpenter ants will often show themselves:

  • On the inside of your house
  • On the outside of your house

Depending on where they are located, you would use different baiting procedures as well as products to get rid of the carpenter ants. 

Kill Carpenter Ants Outdoors, Keep your Indoors Intact

The first thing you need to consider when trying to eliminate carpenter ants is the fact that they do not respond well to repellent pesticides.  Repellent pesticides are immediately noticeable by carpenter ants so the ones that survive will actually avoid it and retreat with the intention of coming back another time.  Non-repellent actually means that the ants will not detect its presence and therefore will not avoid it, hence resulting in most of them meeting their deaths unexpectedly.

Because you will be working outside at getting rid of the carpenter ants, you can use as much bait as they can consume.  Your family is not at as much risk from outdoor baiting as they would be from indoor baiting.  Therefore, you can apply the bait close to the source of the nest or wherever you think the carpenter ants will go and pick it up.killing carpenter ants

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants Indoors without Endangering your Family

For indoor baiting, you should always try to use dust products to get rid of the ants.  Ant colonies for carpenter ants are usually located inside hollow doors, windowsills and wall voids.  Using a small hand duster, you should apply the dust repellents liberally to these places for maximum effect.  Not only will indoor baiting target carpenter ants but also other insects that may be lurking around the house.

By the Way…

In case you are interested in spraying the carpenter ants to kill them, don’t bother to consider that option.  Sprays generally have no effect on the queen ant.  It may kill the exposed worker ants, but the queen will be unaffected because she is always far away from the surface.

Additionally, most pesticide sprays for carpenter ants are repellents, which means that ants can sense the presence and avoid it.  Once they sense of presence, the queen will pack up and move her nest to somewhere else, creating another hole in some other wooden surface in your home!

Eliminating Carpenter Ants is necessary to keep your house from serious damage!
Luckily achieving this is fairly easy, regardless of whether they are located indoors or outdoors.  Go on, you can do it now!



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