Learn How to Get Rid of Cats – Avoid Unwanted Strays!

Learn how to get rid of cats! Prevent Undesired Strays!

Okay, so you probably love pets but you do not exactly like the idea of having stray cats hanging around your property.

They can sure make your life a living nightmare because of how messy they are.

Therefore, you need to find the best and most effective way to get rid of cats and be completely free of those unwelcome feral creatures.

You are probably faced with a situation where:

  • A feral cat is making a mess of your garden by digging up your flowers
  • That pesky stray is trying to get in and harass your pet birds
  • You have sleepless nights during the mating season because they just will not quit that excess noise

So just what are your options?  Well, you can approach getting rid of stray cats with two main techniques:

  • Employ do-it-yourself techniques that have proven to be effective for a lot of people
  • Work with the professionals who actually know how to capture cats and take them away from where they are not wanted

Getting Rid of Cats on your Own

Here are a few guaranteed and foolproof ways that you can use to get rid of stray cats hanging around your property:

  • Try to seal up or block off any of those spaces that a stray cat may see as ideal for nesting.  Generally, they favor places like sheds, barns and underneath decks and patios
  • Spend a little money and purchase a cat trap to capture the cat yourself.  It may take a little effort to do this because there are pretty smart.  However, you will eventually get it done and then you can carry it to the nearest shelter
  • Get yourself a dog for the yard.  Dogs that are large enough do a great job of discouraging cats from hangingget rid of cats around

Work with Experts who Know How to Get Rid of Cats

So, if all of your efforts at home do not really help in getting rid of those cats, which by the way multiply really quickly, then why not leave it to the experts?

Every community has a local animal control facility that helps them catch and get rid of a wide range of unwanted animals.  Give your local animal shelter a call and inform them of the problem you are having with pesky felines.  They will do all they can to help you get rid of the cats and eliminate your problem for good.

And here’s perhaps the most obvious thing you can do – avoid feeding them for crying out loud!  Cats will totally latch on to anybody who starts to feed them.  It is pretty easy for them to become domesticated so if you want to get rid of cats completely, avoid feeding them at all costs.

Once and for all, you really need to figure out how to get rid of cats!


7 Responses to “Learn How to Get Rid of Cats – Avoid Unwanted Strays!”

  1. john Says:

    I have found a bowl of anti-freeze in the gaden works . I never see a cat now.


  2. Robbie Says:

    I have a problem with 8 cats, 1 mother, 7 kittens.

    I felt bad for the kittens so I started to feed them, bad move. Soon after I realized the mistake I made so I stopped feeding them.

    Not only did they not leave they started getting crazy hungry and it would be kinda of scary with 8 starving cats running out you, following you out to the front porch, back porch, then their is my yard that has turned into a giant litter box.

    So then I cut down a big bushy tree they where using to nest, now I have 8 starving cats, a huge mount of tree branches and leaves in the backyard.

    Their is a sleek jet black one that comes in house, he comes through the window, or he just opens the front screen. It is now crossing my path intentionally in my own home. Now that is just creeping and going to far.

    Animal control will not come out and round them up, I have to capture them myself and they will only take one a day. I also have to rent the cat traps on my dime. That is ok, bring it one cats, its my time now.

    Cat Cowboy Callahan


  3. Micah Says:

    I have the same problem. I have called the sheriff because it’s my neighbor that is feed the near 20 cats. He feeds them then the come to my garden to go to the bathroom. They have about 2 new litters every spring/summer. I feel painted in a corner. I cant really afford traps and its getting to a point where I cant afford to repair my garden anymore.


  4. Josie Says:

    We’ve had a number of cats over the years that keep mating and new cats keep coming around. We have a man who doesn’t even live on our block who feeds the cats nightly. My husband has told the man that we are being infested with the fleas from these cats and we’re all getting bit. He even told the man our son is getting bit and even showed the bites on his own leg. You would think the man cares. Nope, he’s still feeding them. I yelled at him when he came to our neighborhood and he is now dumping the cat food on our front sidewalk in front of our gate. Neighbors tried the renting of the traps to get all the cats because they were getting bit by the fleas from these cats too. Unfortunately, all cats were not captured. We even told the man who keeps feeding the cats to take them to his house if he loves them so much but he doesn’t of course. He has time to go to our neighborhood and feed them yet he doesn’t want them at his place? So now what do we do? I want to call someone on this guy but I know that’s not going to help. Would love to find some type of device that keeps them off our property or even plant any type of plants. Anyone have any advice on how to get rid of these pets or what can we do to prevent the man from coming to feed these cats nightly?


  5. ronny Says:

    will moth balls help?


  6. sasha Says:

    rat poison they will die


  7. Rebeca Says:

    These cats are absolutely ridiculous.. A uthanize=them on contact law should be passed. I have lived in this park since August. They must of mistaken me for someone else. They sit outside of my home and claw at the vinyl until it breaks away a hole which soon, grows big enough for them to throw their entire body into the same area breaking it off track creating permanent damage to my home so they enable themselves to enter. I am alergic and it seems that they prefer to mess themselves inside.


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