Learn How to Get Rid of Moles Right Now!

Win the Fight Against Moles!

If you are one of those people who absolutely hates to see little critters like moles running around your yard, then join the group of many other people who are in the same position.

You also probably spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get rid of moles in the yard so you can concentrate on having a great garden.

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Now, although moles are pretty harmless to humans, they can make a real mess of your outdoor space, and especially your garden with those lovely blooms.

These blind tunnel diggers do not really care that you have your seasonal orchids growing and blooming in the yard.  Essentially, there are looking for what your yard probably has a lot of – bugs and pests for them to feed on!  Your job therefore is to try to get rid of moles if your garden means that much to you.  Some of the best ways for doing this include:

  • Making a mole trap so you can catch ‘em and kick ‘em
  • Using deterrents so they’ll find their own way out
  • Flooding them out, often called forceful removal

The Best Way to Get Rid of Moles is to Outsmart Them!

Although moles are blind and don’t seem to have big brains, there are pretty smart.  They actually prefer some tunnels to others, believe it or not!  So if you are trying to trap them to finally get them out for good, you are going to need to block the tunnel that they like best.  You can do this by setting a trap or lay waiting the mole until he goes into his favorite tunnel.  You can trap him with two shovels – one in front and one behind.  Once you have him, put him in ahow to get rid of moles
bucket and take him as far away from your property as possible.

Getting Rid of Moles Means Making their Lives VERY Uncomfortable!

For creatures that cannot see very well, moles are certainly specific about stuff, including the things they absolutely DETEST!  Some of the common things that will definitely deter them include fox urine, human hair or a mixture of oil soap, castor oil and cayenne pepper.  You can make this mixture with warm water and spray it into the tunnels.  It will completely irritate them and send them running immediately.

Forceful Removal of Moles Works Every Time!

If you have successfully been able to identify the mole’s favorite tunnels, then you can consider flooding them out to get them packing and relocating to somewhere else.  Moles hate water as you can imagine, so flooding out their favorite places to hang out is a good way of getting them to move on.

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By now, you should be excited that you’ve found some great ways to help you fight moles and the problems they create for your garden.  Now that you know how to get rid of moles, give the solutions a shot and prove them for yourself!


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