Learn How to Kill Ants: Indoor and Outdoor Solutions

Remedies for Killing Indoor and Outdoor Ant Infestations!

Although it sometimes seems that ants do not mess with you unless you mess with them, they still get pretty ticked off sometimes and take their frustrations out by biting you.  Do you have the situation at home now where you cannot even control where the ants are coming from or control where you want them to go?  Well, you need to figure out how to kill ants at home, so you do not have to worry about your family, food or clothes.

The methods you use for killing ants at home vary depending on where the ants are located.  In many cases, people have problems with ants:

  • In the yard and outdoor space
  • In the actual house

Now, your foolproof method for getting rid of ants in either of the two places varies so take a look at the solutions suitable for each situation.

Killing Ants in the Yard so you can Protect your Kids from Being Bitten

There are two liquids that are pretty effective at killing ants in your yard readily:

  • Gasoline
  • Boiling hot water

As you can probably already tell, using gasoline in the house would definitely not be a good idea, however it is a great idea for killing ants outdoors.  What you would simply do is pour some gasoline on anthills and watch how quickly they die.  You may have to do it on more than one occasion to ensure they stay away for good, but one thing is sure – it’s very effective.

Scorching hot water is also a great way to kill those ants.  Once you pour it on the anthills, they start to go crazy and die within seconds.  What is even more effective is if you use hot water first and then sprinkle some store-bought poison on the anthill for added effect.

Kill Ants Indoors, Keep your Meals Ant-Free

For household ants, two pretty effective products that can be used for getting rid of them are:

  • A boric acid solutionhow to kill ants
  • Rubbing alcohol

Start off by buying yourself some boric acid powder, some jelly or jam and a few cheap bottles that you can take the lids off.  Combine about ten spoonfuls of jelly with about ½ to 1 spoonful of boric acid powder.  Mix them together in the jar you bought and spoon the mixture into the caps, then put them all over the house.  The ants will immediately be drawn to the sweetness of the jelly and will be pulling themselves into a death trap!

Rubbing alcohol is also a great way to get rid of those ants at home.  What you would do is get a spray bottle and mix about a teaspoon of the alcohol with a teaspoon of dishwashing soap then fill the bottle with water.  Shake the solution and get ready to spray away at those pesky ants at home.  Make sure your target those areas and openings where you normally see ants coming and going.

Now that you know how to kill ants both indoors and outdoors, you should be rid of your infestation in no time!

Get them out of your house, yard and learn how to kill ants now! Just follow the solutions above on and you are good!


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